Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates

The Freedom Team is SO excited to announce we reopened on Monday, June 15. Prior to your first visit, please be sure you have read through and understand all of the recent updates. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the new changes over the next few weeks.

Please note that face coverings are still required even with the vaccination process completed. Please visit the site below for post vaccination guidelines.

Facility Hours
(We will no longer have senior/high risk hours. Showers still will not be available, please plan accordingly)

  • Monday – Friday: 5:00am-12:00pm & 4:00pm-8:00pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am-12:00pm & 4:00pm-8:00pm
  • Sunday: 8:00am-12:00pm

A single daily admission pass is now available! Our no cash policy is still in place. All daily admission guests must complete the GMU COVID check. Guests may register for available spots at the front desk for swim lanes and group exercise classes.

Non-Members are able to purchase a Digital Punch Pass (Admissions Account)!

Admissions Account
Available for purchase at the front desk only. At this time we are still unable to accept daily paying guests, entry into the Freedom Center will require either a monthly membership or an Admissions account.

  • Each Admission account will allow the account holder 12 visits
  • The Admissions account will expire 3 months from purchase date
  • Any unused passes will be lost
  • Each Admissions account holder will be issued a keytag that will record visit use
  • Each visit allows the account holder one entrance, a second entry the same day will count as a second visit
  • The Admission accounts are not shareable or transferable
    • Each patron will need to have their own Admission account in order to use the Freedom Center.
  • An Admissions account will allow the patron the ability to reserve swim lane space and take part in group fitness classes.
    • Please note,  Freedom Center monthly members will receive priority registration. Please see below for detailed information on registering and any existing restrictions that may be in place.
  • Active Daily Admission package holders may use KidKare with the same reservation options of online or at the front desk. Please read below for details.

Make certain to purchase your Admissions account prior to attempting to reserve space, our programs require active accounts.


Adults Aged 16-59 $100
Seniors Aged 60+ $70
Dependents (must be with adult) Aged 3-15 $70


Mason COVID Health✓ required for entry.
In an effort to continue to welcome everyone to FAFC and to have a safe, healthy and successful visit, an online health check will now be required. This will replace the daily questions asked at the door.
But for us to have the greatest impact, we must be able to identify people in our community who are sick or symptomatic, or have been in close contact with individuals who are sick or symptomatic. So, everyone who plans to come to campus/FAFC must fill out the Mason COVID Health Check™ on a daily basis. This is required seven days a week, whether you plan to come just once or every day. It is simple and takes just two minutes each day to fill out, so let’s please all do our part to keep our campus healthy and safe.
How it works:
The Freedom Family can access the website directly at 
First-time users will be asked eight initial questions that only need to be answered once.
The second time you log in and all times after that, you will be asked a series of routine questions regarding your general health, potential symptoms and exposure, and about your testing history.  Your answers will be saved from previous responses to save you time, and in most cases you will simply need to review your previous answers and click “submit.”
Coming to FAFC/Campus? Based on your responses to the Mason COVID Health Check™ you will receive one of three automated messages.
  • Green – You have no symptoms, testing, or contacts that indicate exposure or illness and therefore you are free to come to campus or participate in face-to-face classes, events, and activities. You must bring a copy of your Green result with you when you come to campus.
  • Yellow – You have indicated that you may have one or more COVID-19 symptoms, have been tested and are awaiting results or received a positive test, or you were in contact with someone with COVID or who tested positive for COVID. If you receive a Yellow message:
    • You will receive specific instructions on what you should do.
        • Additional information and resources will be emailed to you immediately after completing Mason COVID Health Check™
  • Red – Based on your responses, you may be experiencing a medical emergency and should immediately contact your health care provider or emergency services.
Everyone who comes to FAFC/campus must have a GREEN result and be prepared to show their green status to FAFC’s front door greeter to verify that you are cleared to be at FAFC. We will eliminate the daily questions at the front door. We will also have a staff member to assist as we work through the new transition. 

We all have a responsibility to keep our community safe. Please do your part. And remember, if you feel sick or have symptoms, please stay home, quarantine from others and your health care provider.

Mask/Face Covering Policy
Members and staff are required to wear face coverings when entering and exiting the building, while moving from one location to another and while working out. Face coverings may be removed while exercising outside as long as physical distancing is observed. Face coverings must be worn through the parking lot and until you reach your vehicle.

Face Coverings must cover both the mouth and the nose of the wearer. Face Coverings that feature an exhalation valve that allows for external air flow may not be worn. Neck Gaiters and Bandanas are also not permitted. For more info on face covering requirements, please visit this link for explanations. Public Health and Safety Precautions – Face Coverings

Face coverings should:

  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops.
  • Be made of more than one layer of breathable fabric.
  • Be washable and dryable without damage or a change in shape.
Below is the list of exceptions. A face Covering is not required in the following situations:
a. When eating or drinking;
b. When seeking to communicate with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, for which the mouth needs to be visible and a clear face covering is not available;
c. When a person has received an accommodation from the appropriate University office  because of a disability that prevents the wearing of a Face Covering; Please contact [email protected] to request an accommodation.
d. When a person is experiencing significant trouble breathing, or is unconscious or incapacitated.
e. When a person is in need of University or medical services, the Face Covering may be temporarily removed , if necessary to receive the services;
f. When swimming or engaging in other water-based recreational or athletic activities

Please reference the updated policy below for any questions. As always, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the changes as a community.

Locker Rooms
The locker rooms, family changing rooms and club locker rooms will remain closed at this time. Please come prepared for your work out and leave directly after finishing. We also ask that you do not bring any large bags or valuables, as there will be nowhere to store large or valuable items while you complete your workout.

Water Fountains
Please come prepared for your workout with a full water bottle if needed. The only water fountains that will be available are the bottle filling stations.

Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures
There will be several sanitation stations throughout the facility, as well as sanitation materials next to each piece of equipment. Prior to starting and after your workout, we ask members to wash your hands. We also ask that members disinfect equipment before and after each use. However, we will also have fitness attendants that will consistently be wiping down equipment and high traffic areas.

Strength and Cardio Fitness Rooms
All members will enter the fitness floor from the main stairwell or elevator (one at a time unless family). All those exiting the fitness floor will leave utilizing the middle stairwell. There will be signs and arrows for direction. Each room has a specific capacity that will be maintained by staff to ensure physical distancing. Equipment has been spaced out or off limits to ensure the 10 feet guideline. Please do not utilize any equipment that is marked not to be used.

Indoor Track
The track is open for walking and running. In order to maintain physical distancing, only 6 members will be permitted on the track at a time for 30 minutes.

Group Exercise
Group Exercise classes will continue to be offered as a digital program through Facebook and Zoom.

Registration is highly recommended. If space permits, walk ins will be permitted.

Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance for each session through our website or calling our front desk during operating hours. You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed the process.

We understand the challenges that come with a new procedure and will do our best to assist in any way possible. However, voicemails and emails will not be accepted for reservations.

Registration Link

Group Exercise Registration Process

Please note that locker rooms and spa will remain closed. All adult members are able to register for the 8:15am.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue to add to the schedule over the next few weeks. Please know the schedule is subject to change as we see necessary, based on attendance, state guidelines etc.

  • Registration can be done 24 hours in advance, and up to 30 minutes prior to class.
  • Masks and social distancing are required upon class entry and exit transitions.
  • Classes may be held outdoors, weather permitting.
  • Yoga Classes: Bring your own mats and props


POOL_Virginia_PhaseThree Guidelines-December_2020
The locker rooms, family changing rooms, sauna, spa and leisure pool will remain closed at this time. The competition pool will be open to lap swimming and walking with reservation. All members must make a reservation for a one hour time slot to ensure physical distancing. Members are only permitted to one time slot a day. Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance for each session through our registration website. Once we reopen, reservations can also be made at our front desk 24 hours in advance. Voicemails and emails will not be accepted for reservations. 1 lane per family, up to three family members per lane.

Swimmers must come ready to swim and feel comfortable leaving following the swim session without changing or showering. Kickboards are the only piece of equipment that will be available for loan.

Swim Lane Reservation Steps
Registration Link

Basketball Courts
Basketball Courts will remain closed at this time. An update will be made once these areas are ready to reopen.

KidKare is open with limited hours and availability.

Monday-Wednesday & Friday – 9:00am-12:00pm

Reservations are required, no exceptions! Reservation are available for active members, both online or at the front desk. We understand the challenges that come with a new procedure and will do our best to assist in any way possible. However, voicemails and emails will not be accepted for reservations.

KidKare Reservation Steps

Reservation Updates!

Active Daily Admission package holders may use KidKare with the same reservation options of online or at the front desk.

All children using KidKare must be registered in our system, this is new! Please check with the front desk staff if you have questions or need to register your child.

 Kidkare Payment Options:

Either KidKare membership or KidKare hourly packages are required to use KidKare. Inquire at the front desk to add KidKare to your membership or purchase a KidKare hourly package.

Your KidKare package must have enough time left to cover your expected stay before you will be able to drop off your child.

KidKare Membership Information:

You must purchase a separate KidKare membership for each child that will be using the service.

Kidkare membership will allow up to 90 minutes each day per child and limited to a single visit a day. If your visit extends beyond 90 minutes a late charge may be assessed.

If you need to remove KidKare membership from your account please submit the request in writing by the 15th of the month to prevent charges for the following month.

KidKare Hourly Package Information:

A KidKare hourly package will cost $30, the package will contain 20 digital tickets each worth up to 30 minutes in KidKare. Physical tickets will not be used, all ticket use will be handled electronically.

KidKare hourly packages may be shared by members of the same family (for this purpose ‘family’ is defined those residing within the same household and have Freedom Center accounts that are linked).

Each ticket will allow a child up to 30 minutes in KidKare, with a maximum stay of 90 minutes per day, or 3 tickets (maximum of 1 stay per day). For example, a stay of 70 minutes will count as 3 tickets. If your visit extends beyond 90 minutes an additional late charge may be assessed.

KidKare hourly packages will expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Reminders Prior to Arriving to KidKare

  • Registration can be made 24 hours in advance, and up to 1 hour before reservation time.
  • Limited space. 4:2 ratio in the nursery and 10:2 ratio in the activity room at any given time.
  • Toys and items from home are not allowed in KidKare
  • Label all bottles and cups clearly
  • No diaper bags or strollers. Send extra diaper, wipes and extra clothes in a large labeled zip lock bag.
  • No guardians beyond the KidKare supervisor desk.  Attendant will take children to the rooms.
  • Pick up will take place in the supervisor desk area
  • Playground closed until further notice
  • Children over the age of 2 may wear mask if comfortable

Racquetball Courts
Racquetball courts are available for individual play. One person is permitted per court. The ONLY exception for doubles is family residing in the same house hold. Reservations are required. Reservations can be made through our online system or by calling our front desk during operating hours. We understand the challenges that come with a new procedure and will do our best to assist in any way possible. However, voicemails and emails will not be accepted for reservations. Standard fees apply at the time of reservation.

Membership fees are now being drafted as scheduled. Accounts will not be drafted for sub members under 15, towel service or club locker room at this time. If you would prefer to activate your sub member under 15, please reach out to the front desk. If you are not receiving member updates, please email us at [email protected]

Programs, Events and Camps
We are continuing to work through the refunds for the missed spring programs and upcoming summer camp season. We truly appreciate your patience and hope to be completed soon! Masters Swim is considered a program and is not currently in session.

Please continue to be patience and understanding as we work through the new policies and procedures. As we update any aspect of our operating plan, members will be notified. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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