Personal, Group & Team Training

Youth Strength Training


Personal Training can help you to reach your goals faster while making sure to maintain safety and balance.  Whether you want to work on weight loss, strength gain, flexibility, etc., a Freedom Trainer can help you to reach your goals.  Our trainers are all certified or degreed in their specialty training areas.

Group Training is available for those people who are working on the same goals and enjoy working out with others.  You can put together your own group or we’ll help you to put one together!

Team Training is available for teams interested in sport-specific drills and exercises as well as developing specific sport skills. We train in softball, soccer, swimming, tennis, basketball and golf among others. Prices are based on the number of participants. Call 703-993-8520 to inquire about Team Training prices.


Personal Training Fees

  Member Non-Member Small Group
2-3 people
Large Group
4-8 People
1 hour $60 $65 $90 $25 per person, per hour
Sold on an hourly basis only
4 hours $228 $248 $340
8 hours $440 $480 $640
12 hours $600 $660 $840

**30 minute sessions also available for $35**

Call 703-993-8532 to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer.

Please note that, in accordance with our commercial use policy, we only allow personal training that is conducted by Freedom personnel to take place in this center.

Training Packages are valid for one year after purchase.